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A Playset for the Office

Yes, now you, too, can "build your own corporate labyrinth, one cube at a time." It's The Cubes, a complete, expandable, grown-up playset. "Each set has one 2-3/4" posable plastic figure and all the necessary plastic parts to build a classic corporate cube: four walls, desk, chair, file cabinet, in/out box, phone, and computer. Comes with a sticker sheet of decor for your cube, complete with graphs, charts, screens for the computer and pithy office posters. Also includes a job title sticker sheet so you can create a convoluted and meaningless position for your employee."

Need help creating your own convoluted and meaningless position? With the aid of the online " Job Title Generator," worry no more. Here are a few, randomly generated samples: Junior Personnel Administrator, Domestic Financial Associate, Level B Communications Processor.

This is a phenomenon worthy of much contemplation - these dolls and playsets designed for people who work in an office. It's what Christopher Noxon might classify as another example of rejuvenila. For me, it's yet further evidence of the power of play, and the need.

Thanks for the find go to Pat Kane, Boing Boing et al



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