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One Word

Quick, think of a word, one word, that is both a season and a type of guy. Did you say "fall"? Cute. You're right. Grab a Scoring Marker. OK. How about something you do with a pencil that is also a kind of bridge. "Draw." Prexactly. Grab another Scoring Marker. Quick now. And I mean really quick. Because as soon as the top stops spinning, your team's turn is over, what's one word that's both a unit of measurement and a kind of stone. Never mind. It's too late. The top stopped.

Well, it's not exactly a top. It's more like a large, plastic jack. But it spins - very sweetly in its special, concave spinning spot. And though one doesn't generally think of using a large plastic jack as a timer, this one works really well, and actually adds a most delicious modicum of fun to the game, and challenge to one's spinning dexterity.

Designed by Garrett J. Donner, Michael S. Steer, and Wendy L. Harris, and brought to by the fun people at Fundex, One Word is a Majorly FUN party game for two teams. It comes with 100, two-sided clue cards, each with 5 different puzzles; 5 Scoring Markers, which prove to be a significantly satisfying mechanism for making one's cleverness manifest; and, as advertised, a wacky jack-like Spin Timer, that somehow manages to makes a fun party game funner.




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