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Kim and Jason Kotecki - Defenders of the Playful

First, take a minute to read how Kim and Jason Kotecki explain their passion for play:
"...we’ve made it our mission in life to uncover the secrets of childhood and share them with others. We’ve written books, conducted interviews, experienced exciting adventures, and traveled all over the place inspiring and encouraging audiences to live life with less stress and more fun."
Sure, they're being funny. They're inventing silly words like "Adultitis" (they even have a "test" you can take to see if you are a "carrier"). They're cute. They're talented. They're very much in love. They have tremendous energy. And they're channeling all of that into helping people embrace life.

It was their most recent book, There's an Adult in My Soup, that made me realize that these people really aren't kidding. Every little story is their little book is funny, touching and freeing. No matter how playful you think you might be, each story brings you insights into yet another dimension of playfulness. No matter how important or responsible or hard-pressed you are, Kim and Jason show you that it's still OK to play. You can object to their depiction of what it means to be "adult." You can argue about their definition of maturity. But you can't deny that Kim and Jason are genuine Defenders of the Playful.




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