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Word Spin and the best of the toy-like games

I have so far encountered two toy-like games in which the sheer play value of the toy-likeness makes the playworthiness of the games almost secondary.

The first is the "Double Dice Game" from the all-things-dicelike Koplow Games. Each die has another die within it. Very cool in sheer play potential, despite the games the manufacturer describes in the instructions.

And now, the amazing, magnetic Word Spin from Geospaceplay:

Made of eight, ten-sided magnetized wheels, Word Spin is just simply fun to play with. Even without the letters. With the letters, it's fun to see if you can arrange them and line them up to make an eight-letter word. Yes, yes, you can try to make a high-scoring word, and you can even, as the rules suggest, add the totals of all the two-or-more letter words you can find once you've made one word using all the wheels.

The fact is, as with the Double Dice game, there are so many different ways to play with Word Spin that it really doesn't matter what you play. Yes, you can play competitively. You can buy several sets and give each player his or her own. But the operative word here is "toy-like." Word Spin is simply fun to toy around with. Don't worry about the games. Make up your own.

P.S. The manufacturer notes: "Unlike most all other word games, one of the features many many people like is the fact that WORD SPIN is entirely a 'hand-held' game you can pull out and play just about anywhere when you have a few idle minutes. So it great for travel --- or even for people who are bedridden." Which reminds me - a travel pouch is included, bless them, which is a doubly good thing, because once you open the package, you can't really put it back. Which is also a good thing, since you're probably not going to want to.



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