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Rubik's 360

Rubik's 360, like Rubik's Cube, is as much a toy as it is a puzzle. In fact, one might argue that it is even more toy than puzzle. Which, of course, has little, if anything to do with the fun of it, unless the kind of fun you're looking for is more, shall we say, puzzling.

There are three, concentric spheres. The two inner spheres turn surprisingly freely (often a bit more surprisingly than you'd expect). They each have a weight on one end, and a hole on the other. There are 6 balls, each of a different color, that begin their journey on the inner sphere. By careful, patient turning of the outer sphere, you can get a ball to roll out of the inner sphere to the middle sphere, and then from there to the outer sphere, and finally to the pit of the corresponding color. There are two knobs that you can use to secure a ball once it has reached its goal. More or less.

Zoe, 13-year-old, Rubik's Cube-solving daughter of one of our Tasters solved it in about 90 minutes. But for kids and your casual puzzler, it's a lovely little thing. An exploration of balance and physics, observation and steadiness. Fun to play with. Fun to share with friends. It's all one piece, so it's perfect for a library collection. Not at all in the same league, puzzle-wise, as Rubik's Cube; but most definitely worth lusting after.

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