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They call it "Bang!" - this award-winning card game from Italy. The first time we tried it, we called it "quits."

You know the rule we have at Game Tastings - the one about a game taking maybe 15 minutes to learn. Well, we gave it a half hour, that first time. Who'd think that a card game, in that small of a package, could be that complicated?

The second time we tried it we gave it 45 minutes - an exacerbatingly long time to learn a game. There are so many special cards, each with its special function, that we were especially frustrated. Before the next Tasting, Tammy took the time to find the best versions or the rules she could, and sent them out to all of us so that we could prepare. And, as you so well know, preparing for a Tasting is simply not done.

The third time, we devoted the last half of the Tasting to playing Bang! We were outside. And it was getting colder. But we were determined to play it through. And we did. Even though it got colder and still colder. And, yes, somebody shot the sheriff, and they didn't kill the deputy. And we finally actually played the game. And we had fun. I mean, we were beyond Tasting. We had established, beyond doubt, that the rules are just too complicated, and can take veritable hours to learn. Which is simply not your typically Major FUN-awardable scenario. And yet, fun was definitely being had.

Our conclusion to date: if you like role-playing games, you'll definitely get a Bang! out of this one.

Now Tammy's at work on creating visual aids because she's convinced she can make it easier for us to play next time. Even though, according to Tasting protocol, that next time might not be for a couple months. I'm having a sneaking suspicion. Protocol or not, we'll be playing it again this coming Sunday.




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